Máquina de acolchado de múltiples agujas de puntada computarizada de alta velocidad MX5

Vistas:0     Autor:lidia     Hora de publicación: 2022-08-12      Origen:GenMax


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Main Features

· The first in the industry: the needle distance is 0.5 inches, which can process patterns of more specifications.

· The industry's first: the self-contained slitting device, which can be more accurately slitted with the swing of the saddle (optional).

· The needle positions of the 1st and 3rd rows can be arranged arbitrarily and are not affected by the position of the needle row pallet.

· Quilting: 180° pattern, 360° pattern, continuous pattern, step-independent pattern.

· The swing arm of the needle bar active swing bar and the needle bar passive swing bar is lengthened, the needle swing is smaller and the needle eye on the fabric is smaller. At  the same time, it is made of special aluminum material, which makes the machine run faster and has less vibration.

· All three axes are controlled by servo system, and the sewing pattern is more precise. The peripheral buttons control the forward and reverse rotation of the spindle, making it easier to adjust the hook.